The Shoals Association of Ministers/Musicians has been established to help facilitate a three-fold expression of ministry that is emerging from a group of ministers located in the Muscle Shoals area. The members of SAMM each carry the dual call of "minister/musician." They not only serve in their local fellowships as part of music ministry teams, but are in some cases pastors and teachers in these local fellowships. As well as teachers and evangelists, they travel and minister all over the world. For many years, these "ministers/musicians" have ministered by and large as individual ministries. The members of SAMM feel that it is time, as God is calling forth a unified church in the Shoals, that these "minister/musicians" pool their visions, talents, and resources. Collectively we feel that God will increase ministry effectiveness as we work together in a unified effort as opposed to independent of one another. SAMM is a reflection of a greater work that God is doing throughout the whole Shoals area, and a representation of one of hopefully many ministry expressions that model the unity of the "Church of the Shoals." SAMM as an organization, desires to see a three-fold task accomplished, and to help fulfill a three-fold purpose:

1. With the participation of the local, unified Christian community, these ministers/musicians wish to be covered and sent out as ministries of the "Church of the Shoals." These ministries touch whole communities, reaching across denominational, generational, and racial barriers; therefore, we want to be sent out by our community, as well as by our local fellowships. Through the inner weaving of community based, grassroots ministry, the church of Jesus Christ is in a season of recovery, restoration, and advancement. These minister/musicians, as they are sent out by the Christian community in the Shoals, will in turn network with other communities to see anointed, effective ministry expression.

2. The Bible says to publish the Good News! The Muscle Shoals area has long maintained a reputation and recognition as a community that has sent quality music all over the world. Yet, for too long, the production of Christian music has taken place in areas such as Los Angeles and Nashville. We, as a community, have the facilities, talent, and necessary resources to establish a Muscle Shoals Record and Publishing Company, agencies dedicated to exporting Christian music that ministers life.

3. SAMM desires to establish a training facility for an emerging generation of ministers and musicians. Young people are our inheritance. As ministers and musicians who have matured in the fires of experience, we want to offer relevant training for young Christians desiring to be disciples for Christian life and service. These young people have a need for a local training center in which the local ministers can participate in the nurturing and release of college age youth. There are many pastors and teachers throughout the Shoals who could help contribute to their training. SAMM sees that a minister's greatest success is in the reproduction of ministry expression in young people. Why should our young people have to go to another community to receive the education that they could be receiving here in the Shoals? The vision of SAMM is great and it is far reaching. The fulfillment of such a vision will be dependent upon the participation of the "Church of the Shoals." As well, as we work together for such a purpose, we will see the hand of the Lord on our community, for it is in unity that God commands His blessing.