We realize that the Church faces many challenges and changes in the 21st Century. This will affect the way we live and do church for many years to come. We also realize that churches all across America are in great need for renewal, revival, and reformation.

God is extremely active in birthing "new wineskins" or new paradigm, ministry models for transforming His Church into a mighty, unstoppable force for 21st Century ministry. These new approaches in doing ministry are bond to ancient biblical principles; and at the same time, are culturally relevant for ministry today.

We believe God is opening a "window of opportunity" for His Church (especially in America) to awaken to its mission in the 21st Century. God has extended a warm invitation to all who are willing...to join others on the path towards progress, growth, and transformation.

Transformation has brought many changes in the way we evangelize, make disciples, and empower leaders. At first glance most changes are viewed as "unnecessary," but these God-ordained changes are much needed, progressive, and rejuvenating - breathing new life into the lives of people and ministries.

The theme of the Powerlife Project is "power that breathes new life."

Our mission is to motivate, mentor, and mobilize Christians for broad-based action in city-reaching and community transformation. Instead of being "blown-away" by the winds of change, we have learned how to ride them and harness their energy according to God's plans.

Our mission is to MOTIVATE, MENTOR, and MOBILIZE
Christians for "broad-based" action in city-reaching and community transformation.

Twelve Areas of Balanced Church Growth Development

Passionate Spirituality
Experiencing Passion for God (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) & His Purposes
Loving, Caring Relationships
Reaching Out in Love & Compassion for People & Their Needs
Koinonia Environment
Building Authentic Christian Community
Culture-sensitive Evangelism
Speaking Contemporary Language & Building Relational Bridges
Relational Discipleship Development
Making Disciples, Mentoring Disciplers, & Multiplying Mission
Equipping Ministry
Capitalizing On Strengths, Passions, Gift-orientation, & Vocations
Empowering Servant Leadership
Raising-up Devoted Disciples of Jesus Christ Who Lead By Example
Purposeful Organizational Design
Casting Compelling Vision & Facilitating a Biblical Approach To Management
Good Communications
Creating Open Channels of Communication That Foster Clear Understanding
Community Outreach
Serving in Different Areas of Community Needs & Empowering Local Missions
Contemporary Ministry Tools
Utilizing Up-To-Date Technology in Music, Multimedia, Communications, & Internet Access
Building Relational Synergism Among Churches & Parachurch Ministries for City Church Initiatives

We are here to help address major issues that face ministry leaders today:

· How do we help people become more passionate about God and more compassionate about people?
· What is the best way to reach out into our community, evangelize different age groups, and properly minister to people from a diverse set of circumstances, cultures, and needs?
· How do we get more people involved in evangelism, discipleship, prayer, and spiritual formation?
· What would help us get more people properly trained and involved in "hands-on" ministry?
· How do we raise-up and empower more leaders?
· Where do we find the necessary resources to continue our mission and expand our influence?
· How do we navigate through rough waters of change and transformation without a shipwreck?
These are relevant questions that require real answers. Sometimes the answers come in the form of new information, practical advice, and different levels of training. At other times, answers come in the form of new experiences, participation in creative actions, and in successes…and failures. Whatever the avenues, the path to progress, growth, and transformation is a "process" that requires personal investments from God and from people - the dynamics of the Body of Christ.

These investments are based upon God's will and our willingness to cooperate together in synergistic strategies.






How We Can Help












We who are part of the Powerlife Project make no claim to exclusive spirituality, superior knowledge, or miraculous techniques that transform people and their communities.

Transformation is subject to God's divine plans and people's ability to cooperate with each other and God.
Everything needed to cause transformation, including all the resources, has already been provided by the Lord. Moving forward down the path of transformation is not always a matter of resources available, but in how resourceful we are.

We simply are Christians who hold great passion for God and sincere compassion for people and their needs. We are seasoned Christians whom God has
invested considerable amounts of life and experience. We have education, knowledge, and practical experience in many of the new paradigm, ministry models that God has empowered all around the world. We are people of faith and high expectations as to what the Lord can and will do for people and their communities.

Ways We Can Help:


A coach is one who inspires, trains, and properly aligns people's strengths with team strategies. Inspired by techniques used in team sports, coaches are now utilized in postmodern business applications such as team-building and change management. Capitalizing on the effective dynamics of coaching, churches now use spiritual and organizational coaches in church transformation. We can provide ministry leaders with a path to tools and resources that will energize their transformational efforts and produce tangible results. This can be accomplished through speaking engagements, phone calls, or emails.

A church growth consultant is like a spiritual development architect, one who helps you decide what you need to build; and then, formulates "spiritual blueprints" for the project.
There are seasons in ministry development when churches and parachurch organizations need "objective" counsel from an outside source, which has specific expertises. As consultants we help people and ministries develop their own customized plan for progress, growth, and transformation. This can be accomplished through on-site visits with ministry leaders, church profile analysis, or strategic planning retreats.

We can help you in the following areas: Leadership Development, Organizational Management, Strategic Planning, Church Growth, Community Outreach, Small Group Ministry Development, Effectual Communications, and Technology Development.

Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops
In order to keep pace with accelerated and advanced tools in information technology, new educational paradigms are helping Christians grow in knowledge and understanding of effective ministry designs. These short-term, concentrated curriculums provide Christians with inspiration and practical insights for ministry that are transferable and easily applied.

We specialize in the production of conferences, seminars, and workshops. We can provide customized one to three day events or schedule activities for retreats and special situations. And according to available resources, we can help facilitate an area-wide conference that attracts people from other churches and ministries.

City-reaching Strategies
Building unity of purpose within the area-wide Body of Christ is a fragile, but much needed process. We can help both people and ministries "connect" in broad-based, synergistic outreach. We can help in orchestrating the building of "relational synergism" among ministry leaders and the development of coalition forces in community outreach and city-reaching strategies.

We can also help in the production of area-wide events such as: evangelistic crusades, concerts, Christian music festivals, and school assemblies.

Some aspects of our services are free, without any obligation. For more in-depth work, we have hourly, daily, and special project rates. Simply call or email us for a free quote.

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